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Dive into a powerful and pure yoga program that enables you to live your life the way you want it. 

About Raw Yoga

This is an individual, personalized and specialized yoga method and available in-person, online or as hybrid. It supports you in building and maintaining a regular yoga practice.


Raw Yoga Education

Raw Yoga is based on authentic yoga traditions from India which include stretching, breathing and balancing as well as strengthening the body-mind connection.  

Raw Yoga supports each individual to rise to their highest potential, longevity and elevated well-being. It is useful for injury prevention, recovery and rehabilitation.


Yoga is a practical method to improve one's range of motion, stabilize the position of joints and their movement and enhance the force of muscles. 


With yoga we are able to decrease disease and increase our life force. 



Benefits Of Practicing with Raw Yoga

Eliminate Pain & Muscle Tension

Raw Yoga will help release the tension that’s been trapped inside of your body and will teach your body how to release and let go, which will help bring it back to a state of peace and proper function.

Increased Energy

Raw Yoga practice will help increase your blood flow, which will in return give you more energy. Enhanced circulation, a balanced nervous system and improved brain/body connection are the benefits a Raw Yoga Practice.

Enhanced Flexibility

Raw Yoga gives you a complete treatment of deep stretching and proper oxygen exchange on a cellular level that will help you experience what it’s like to have a body that is unrestricted and free of discomfort and pain. 


Stress Reduction

Take a deep breath and let it go. The Raw Yoga method follows your natural pattern of deep breathing to help release the stress your body has been holding onto for years. Specific exercises for breath expansion can extend your life span and the quality of your life. 

Improved Posture and Relaxation

One of the first signs of aging is poor posture. Raw Yoga practice will gradually stretch the tight muscles along the spine to help improve your posture and relax your entire body.


Mental Clarity

Raw Yoga practice includes a series of positions synchronized with a deep breathing pattern  that will help improve the blood flow to your brain, which will in turn offer you better mental clarity.

Petra Gordon - Yoga Teacher



Petra Gordon

Raw Yoga

Oleander Ct

Calabasas, CA

Tel 1-310-795-8902


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