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Raw Yoga Education

Raw Yoga is your guide to improve mobility and mental capacity. It is teaching you deep body awareness, breath expansion, steadiness and focus.  A regular and committed practice schedule make Raw Yoga a powerful tool to  elevated health, enhanced performance and intentional, mindful decision making. 

You are guided to find peace inside and feel more in tune with yourself.

Raw Yoga is available online, in-person or as hybrid.

Yoga translated means "union"

Unite your body, mind and soul

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My Story

I'm a yogini and a free spirit, have traveled the world, raised two boys and puppies, and I love adventures. Yoga found me really early in my life, but I had to hide it from my mom, because she was convinced it was a cult ( today mom practices yoga too :). Everything in my life relates to yoga and contributing to a positive impact on others. It is my vision, mission and passion, my life. I share yoga in the traditional Eastern way and connect with people who seek a unique and uplifting experience. I have been teaching yoga since 1996 and at this point reached the 10000+ hours of experience, with my own yoga practice and with teaching yoga. Ashtanga Yoga, Therapeutic Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga are the traditions I live by and share with my students. What I teach, I do myself. I'm down to earth, go by the minimalist way of living. I like to do the same things over and over again, like to listen to the same song over and over again, too. I love skiing and trails - short and long distance, and paddling on the ocean.

Yoga shows you what you can do

Overcome your challenges


My Services

Please note that all services begin with a personal introduction to better guide you on the right track.

Yoga brings you back to your true self

Live in peace


Benefits Of Practicing with Raw Yoga

Eliminate Pain & Muscle Tension

Raw Yoga will help release the tension that’s been trapped inside of your body and will teach your body how to release and let go, which will help bring it back to a state of peace and proper function.

Increased Energy

Raw Yoga practice will help increase your blood flow, which will in return give you more energy. Enhanced circulation, a balanced nervous system and improved brain/body connection are the benefits a Raw Yoga Practice.

Enhanced Flexibility

Raw Yoga gives you a complete treatment of deep stretching and proper oxygen exchange on a cellular level that will help you experience what it’s like to have a body that is unrestricted and free of discomfort and pain. 


Stress Reduction

Take a deep breath and let it go. The Raw Yoga method follows your natural pattern of deep breathing to help release the stress your body has been holding onto for years. Specific exercises for breath expansion can extend your life span and the quality of your life. 

Improved Posture and Relaxation

One of the first signs of aging is poor posture. Raw Yoga practice will gradually stretch the tight muscles along the spine to help improve your posture and relax your entire body.


Increased Mental Clarity

Raw Yoga practice includes a series of positions synchronized with a deep breathing pattern  that will help improve the blood flow to your brain, which will in turn offer you better mental clarity.

Meet the Team

May every being in the world be happy and prosperous.

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Petra Gordon

Raw Yoga

Oleander Ct

Calabasas, CA

Tel 1-310-795-8902


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